VirtualBox with VboxTool

VirtualBox with VboxTool headless startup.

I will tell you howto start VirtualBox machines in headless environment with VboxTool.I tried many different tools.Recently I started to use this one VBoxTool, it’s not a perfect solutions.It has some drawbacks, but positive sites too.

Sadly,it seams a little abandoned from the author, but still it’s a good base you can start with.

Just some small tweaks and you will have a good service dealing with backups,shutdowns,saves and not the less start-ups.

About the drawbacks, besides the small tweaks which you will need to do, the main one is when you put this script in a cron job for some reason after the second machine backup it’s just stops with no reason or error.I am not sure why this happens and if it’s at all related to the script or to the cron daemon.

You can have mine tweaked VboxTool from here.

The main teaks:

  • To extract correctly the VDI file names, when multiple are presented on one machine.
  • Stop command should put the machine in saved stated not forced power down.

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